Frontmen who exchanged their careers in music for a place in the tattoo industry

As we’re all aware by now music and tattooing come hand in hand, it’s not often you see one without the other…maybe this is due to the fact they are both expressive forms of art. The rise of artists who are inked in the music industry has increased over the years, thus creating an impact on the rise of the popularity of tattoos in general. The stigma which unfortunately still to this day exists around the topic of tattooing is slowly chipped away at more and more each day and what was once seen as a drawback is now recognised as a form of creativity and self expression. With the help of artists and bands in the eye of the media showing off their ink to the rest of society displays that not all people with tattoos are thugs or delinquents.

Frank Carter
Below Frank discusses what came first in his life, with regards to music and drawing art.
“I don’t know, actually, because I’ve been around music from the beginning, but I felt in love with drawing at a very young age. When I was super young it was all I wanted to do. I remember telling my dad once that I wanted to be a graphic designer when I get older, even though I did not know what graphics was – I asked him: “Dad, what is graphics?” and he said, “Pictures and images” – “Hell, I want to be a graphic designer.” I was 4 or 5 then. Later when I grew up I went to college to study art, but I felt I was not learning anything so I dropped out to become a tattooer.”

When asked what his favourite thing to tattoo the most is, he stated
“It’s about being creative. I just like making things, music or art or whatever it be. When I was younger I spent literally days drawing, days on one design trying to get it right, and I was constantly fucking it up. You always try to make yourself better, to find a balance. I studied a lot of old stuff, tattoos from the 50s. That’s what I was looking for, because they are already nearly 70 years old and it’s still looking awesome”.

Currently: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Previously: Gallows
Tattooing at: Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio, London UK
Instagram: @frankcarter23

Dylan Richter
Dylan began getting tattooed at the age of 19 in Detroit, Michigan. He chooses his artwork by events that have happened in his life, due to this Richter regrets non of his tattoos as they all remind him of a point in his life.

Previously: For The Fallen Dreams
Tattooing at: Traditional Tattoo Company, California USA
Instagram: @dylvnrichter

James Ryan
James started getting tattooed at the age 15 in Germany. His first tattoo was Chinese symbols which he very quickly began to hate, this was soon covered up with a ship. One of his favourite tattoos is a Sailor Jerry eagle on his stomach.

 Previously: Silent Screams
Tattooing at: The Burton Tattoo Collective, Leicester UK
Instagram: @jamesryantattoo

Joel Heywood
Joel began his career in tattooing as an apprentice working at The Square Tattoo Studio, Solihull UK in 2014.

 Previously: I’ll Stay In Memphis
Currently: Silent Screams
Tattooing at: Black Heart Collective, Rugeley UK
Instagram: @joelscreams_tattoo

If you’re interested in getting inked by any of the artists above you can contact them directly through their Instagram.

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